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Chris Kyle (Cautious Clay) celebrates 'Stardust' video

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Chris Kyle is best known for being the guitarist of Cautious Clay and Lip Talk, but we discovered he has a solo project. His songs are amazing and worth checking out, especially if you're into psychedelic indie rock and indie folk music.

Recently he released a music video for the title-track from his forthcoming EP, 'Stardust EP'.

It has a real low-key far out type of DIY vibe. Check it out here:

Chris flew in from NY and we played a Pop Up Show in a downtown studio with some friends and a small audience. Check out one of the tunes, "Underneath the Stars", from the 'Stardust EP'. His band blends the tune along with a song from his first EP, 'Falling in Circles' seamlessly. Give it a watch/listen here.



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